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In buildings of high architectural quality, we develop a long-term car park, a full-scale car service and a nearby hotel. At Landvetter Travel Park, you can have your car serviced, get that precious night’s sleep and have life made a little easier.

Landvetter Car Park

There is a pressing need for parking spaces. In January of 2015, Swedavia decided to close commercial air traffic at Säve Airport. Those airlines that previously flew from Säve were transferred to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, and the demand for parking spaces in the area has increased significantly due to this. Also, the number of both flights and passengers increase all the time, while new hotels, shops and restaurants around the airport draw new visitors every day.

As a part of the new hub, approx. 2800 easy-to-reach parking spaces will be constructed in two new surveilled parking structures in a unique design. The completion is divided in two phases:

Stage 1 – approx. 850 parking spaces
Stage 2 – approx. 2 000 parking spaces
Car Park

Landvetter Car Center

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Landvetter Car Center is a full-service facility featuring everything from paint shop and vehicle inspection to car wash and tire hotel. When you travel, you can leave your car here at departure, have it serviced per your requests and collect it in perfect condition when you come back again.


Landvetter Car Center is also the perfect partner for all nearby businesses in need of repairs or service to lorries, vans or other vehicles. You can sign a favourable full-service agreement and have special services performed.


Here are a few examples of planned facilities:

– Vehicle inspection
– Car wash and reconditioning
– Body shop
– Tire centre and tire hotel
– Paint shop

Landvetter Car Center

Landvetter Travel Hotel

The perfect place to spend the night when you travel, Landvetter Travel Hotel is a high-quality hotel built from carefully chosen and genuine materials, connecting to nature and the surroundings while giving the area an architectural boost.


Featuring approx. 200 rooms, Landvetter Travel Hotel is conveniently located close to the airport, offering the best possible start and finish to your trip. If arriving late or departing early, you can enjoy a relaxing night at the hotel. A shuttle bus with frequent departures will take you from Landvetter Travel Park directly to the airport; it takes only 4 minutes.


There are already fitness facilities here, as both Chalmers Golf Club and Härryda Athletic Club are nearby. Also, there are plans to complement the fitness facilities with a brand-new sports centre. In connection to the hotel there are plans for a well-equipped gym, as well as a jogging track just outside.

Landvetter Travel Hotel

Other facilities

During the development of this project, we have engaged residents and people working in Härryda in dialogue and workshops. Many of the participants pointed out that the area lacked recreational facilities, and they saw a need for a natural meeting place in the area.


Landvetter Travel Park is the perfect place for a cosy restaurant, a café tempting you with a scent of cappuccino, a well-equipped gym, a workspace for creative meetings… or something else entirely.

Gym, kontor, restaurang


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